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Forum of the Americas for Agricultural Research and Technology Development



  • Summary of the virtual consultation: Digital Agriculture and Inclusion – Priorities for the agricultural research, development and innovation agenda in Latin America and the Caribbean

    The application of digital technologies in agriculture with the aim of improving efficiency, productivity and resilience to climate change, is growing exponentially in the world and in our region. But these technological developments are not among the usual issues addressed by the actors of agricultural innovation systems.


  • Foro hemisférico “Reducción de Brecha Digital en las Zonas Rurales de América…

Espacio de interacción / Interaction space

A partir del 16 de setiembre, visite nuestra consulta virtual sobre Agricultura Digital, Inclusión y la Agenda IDI en!forum/consulta-virtual-foragro
On September 16: Launch of the virtual consultation on Digital Agriculture, Inclusion and the RDI Agenda at!forum/consulta-virtual-foragro


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  • Visita de campo al ICAFE

  • Miembros de FORAGRO visitando laboratorios en ICAFE

  • Miembros de FORAGRO visitando laboratorios en ICAFE

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